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Whitsitt Elementary School - Nashville, TN

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Nashville, TN
Whitsitt Elementary School is seeking support for a fleet of 22 bikes, helmets, kickstands and curriculum. 

I am the physical education lead teacher at Whitsitt Elementary School in Nashville, TN.  I teach at a school with a very high English Learning population that is comprised of families with a very low income background. I would love the opportunity to teach my kindergarten students how to ride a bike through your Kindergarten PE Program. Most of my students would not have access to a bike at home and I feel I can give them the opportunity through this program. Through personal fundraisers I completed I was a able to purchase bikes to teach bike safety to my 1st through 4th grade students but wasn’t sure if kindergarten students would be too young. As I have began teaching many of my students I have realized that about half if not more cannot ride a bike. It’s not that they don’t want to, its because they don’t have access to them at home. I have had 95% parent permission slips turned back to me. This shows their excitement and  desire to learn to ride. I had a friend from Glenview Elementary point me in your direction. Her school has received and is in love with the program. I have heard her stories of the confidence it has given many of her students and would love to see this play out at Whitsitt. Through your balance bike approach I feel I can accomplish this goal and reach all grade levels within my school. - Kevin Terry, PE Teacher

All Kids Bike® is a national movement led by the Strider® Education Foundation to place Kindergarten PE Learn-To-Ride Programs into public schools for free, using donations from individuals, businesses, and organizations. All Kids Bike is on a mission to teach every child in America how to ride a bike in kindergarten PE class.
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