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West Shore School District - New Cumberland, PA

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West Shore School District
New Cumberland, PA
West Shore School District is seeking support for a fleet of 48 bikes, helmets, kickstands, and curriculum.
 "As a physical education department, we are always looking for ways to improve and be creative in our curriculum. We have strived to teach our students about lifelong physical fitness and activities. Our department has already added such activities to our curriculum like yoga, tennis, and bowling. With these additions to our curriculum, we have seen students, families, and our community begin to demonstrate healthier behaviors and choices. Biking would be a perfect addition to our curriculum, as it is a skill that students can learn at a young age and continue well into their adulthood. It is also something they can do with their families and friends. Also, students of the West Shore School District will be thrilled to be able to learn how to bike in school.
Our district is very diverse and made up of a variety of socioeconomic statuses. Many of our students live within a suburban setting in towns, boroughs, and developments, where being able to gain the skill of riding a bike will open up many avenues to enjoy this activity with friends and family members as well as other types of physical activity. With the current impacts of COVID-19 on children, learning the skill of biking will help students with mental, emotional, and social health wellness.
While some of our students may learn this important skill outside of the school setting or before attending school, many of our students may not have the financial resources to acquire or maintain a bicycle. These parents may be more apt to use resources to acquire a bicycle if they know their child will use it correctly and enjoy it.
Lastly, we would like to use this program as an opportunity to promote our community for our students and families. As students begin to feel comfortable with bike riding, they and their families may use parks and trails more frequently that are abundant in our area. Also, we would like to involve our community safety officers in this program during the bike safety portion.  Many of our police departments have bicycle officer units and would allow our students to connect in a positive manner with local law enforcement.  
Thank you for your consideration!
" Cory Rowe and Katelyn Diehl - PE Teachers

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