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Oklahoma School for the Deaf - Sulphur, OK

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Sulphur, OK
Oklahoma School for the Deaf in Sulphur, OK is seeking support for a fleet of 18 bikes, helmets, kickstands and curriculum. 

The Oklahoma School for the Deaf (OSD)is located in Sulphur, Ok where we serve the Deaf and hard of hearing students from all over the state. We provide dorms where students stay during the week and go home on weekends.
Students here at OSD do not get a lot of the same opportunities as other students that are able to go home every day. These students are limited to those types of resources in which others have better opportunities to go home and have a bike to ride and a parent/guardian teaching them how to ride. About 75 percent of our students do not have the same opportunity because of the communication barriers at home. I would like to give our students an opportunity to learn how to ride bikes safely and enjoy the benefits of riding bikes. I strongly believe that riding bike increase the students’ self esteem, improves their learning in the classroom, improves their behavior, and helps them learn the value of fitness.
I have recently received a bike grant called Outride for the middle school level. I believe receiving the grant for the kinder level will increase the students confidence in riding when they go to the middle school and is involved in the Outride curriculum. We have a National Park in Sulphur has many different trails that we will be able to utilize. Starting at a younger age will help our students be more confident as they grow learning how to ride a bike and the safety tools needed to ride on the trails and roads.
My dream for this school is to have a tiny triathlon competition for kindergarten students at the end of the school year where parents, staff, and students can cheer them on. My goal is to teach at an early age the importance of staying active, and in turn, develop students into active, healthy adults. -- Angie Shelby, Teacher 

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