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Millbrooke Elementary School

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Olathe, KS
Millbrooke Elementary School is seeking support for a fleet of 30 bikes, helmets, kickstands and curriculum.

I am requesting Strider Bikes for my Kindergarten Physical Education program at Millbrooke Elementary School in Olathe, KS. The past 2 years I have been working with a local organization to bring bike safety lessons to our 3rd through 5th graders. It has been amazing the amount of students that are in these intermediate grades that are uncomfortable on a bicycle or do not know how to ride at all. With the help of BikeWalkKC we were able to turn 29 of our 34 non riders this spring into bike riders!  
As a mother of a toddler, I have been using the strider bike with my son and he has already shown amazing skill with his balance and steering. I know that if I am able to implement a program with these Strider bikes to the younger students at my elementary school we can help create and foster a love for bike riding at a young age that will allow these students to be more successful as they grow up.  
I am so excited about the idea of having this program at Millbrooke! -- Maggie Gechter, PE Teacher 

All Kids Bike┬« is a national movement led by the Strider┬« Education Foundation to place Kindergarten PE Learn-To-Ride Programs into public schools for free, using donations from individuals, businesses, and organizations. All Kids Bike is on a mission to teach every child in America how to ride a bike in kindergarten PE class.
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