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Maple Primary Center-Los Angeles, CA

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Maple Primary Center is seeking support for a complete Kindergarten PE Program, including a fleet of 24 Strider AKB-Specific Bikes, helmets, pedal conversion kits, one Strider 20 Bike for teacher instruction, and curriculum.

Coordinator, Idalia Valdovinos, is excited to see kids rolling in the classroom soon. Idalia says: "Aside from the physical benefits of learning to ride a bike, our TK-1st grade primary center students would also be positively impacted in their social emotional well being. Most of our students have never even been on a tricycle and is evident when they get on a tricycle and don't know that they have to pedal in order for the tricycle to move. Learning anything new grows dendrites, thus increasing brain power and their self confidence. Learning shouldn't only take place in the classroom. When students learn to ride a bike, they are learning skills not only about how to ride a bike but about themselves too and will "ride" those skills into the classroom increasing their overall academic achievement."

All Kids Bike┬« is a national movement led by the Strider┬« Education Foundation, Inc. to place Kindergarten PE Learn-To-Ride Programs into public schools for free, using donations from individuals, businesses, and organizations. All Kids Bike is on a mission to teach every child in America how to ride a bike in kindergarten PE class.

raised of $5,000 goal
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