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John Shaw Elementary School

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Wasilla, AK
John Shaw Elementary School is seeking support for a fleet of 30 bikes, helmets, kickstands and curriculum. 

Here at John Shaw Elementary School our goal is to create healthy, lifelong learners. We are a Pre Kinder through 5th grade school with a population of about 450 students. We believe that one main component of a healthy, lifelong learner is providing students with a quality physical education. This physical education not only teachers and encourages students with sport related skills but also with skills that will encourage them to stay healthy and active as they continue to get older. Here in Alaska our communities have done a great job of making cycling a possibility year round. There are bike paths alongside many roads, dirt trails that are maintained in the summer, and groomed/lighted in the winter, pump tracks and skate parks available for all age levels free of charge, and even youth mountain bike clubs for kiddos in the summer. Snow biking has also become very popular fall and winter activity. It is very common seeing bikers bundled up for a Saturday morning ride or commuting to work in a snowstorm. Shaw Elementary is a Title I school and we strive to provide opportunities to our students and families that lead them to be more successful as an active family. Having a biking unit provided to all Kindergartners would be a great way of helping families get outside and enjoy time together. Many times teaching your child to bike is the hardest part and once they are a proficient rider the biking opportunities really open up. Shaw would love to not only use the bikes for Kindergarten classes, but with all students Pre Kinder through 2nd. There are many students up through these grades that also could improve their bike riding skills. These bikes would be helping up 250 of our students and would be used year after year. Shaw Elementary is part of a very large school district that includes 28 elementary school. Between these schools there have been many great lines of collaboration. Very often schools plan together and bring students together for events such as archery, basketball, chess, robotics, and there has been talk of doing a biking event in the spring before summer break begins. Shaw would love to encourage other schools to introduce a biking unit and end with a district wide culminating event. Seeing our kiddos and families gaining the skills to play together is incredibly rewarding! All Kids Can Bike would be a great opportunity for our school, our kids, our families and our community. - Nylene Warner, PE Teacher

All Kids Bike® is a national movement led by the Strider® Education Foundation to place Kindergarten PE Learn-To-Ride Programs into public schools for free, using donations from individuals, businesses, and organizations. All Kids Bike is on a mission to teach every child in America how to ride a bike in kindergarten PE class.
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