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Thanks for visiting the All Kids Bike for Jefferson County Fundraising Page!

Every $10 donation teaches 1 child how to ride!

With efforts led by Living Life on Two Wheels, we are partnering to bring the Kindergarten PE Program to the community!

Each $10 donation teaches one kindergartner how to ride a bike in school! This fundraising page is dedicated to teaching 10,000 kids to ride, with a goal of raising $100,000.

"Every kid in every school deserves the opportunity to discover the freedom that a bicycle can deliver and the lifelines benefits it provides. All children need the self confidence that a bike gives. Life is hard, we are going to fall down from time to time...we need to learn early on to pick ourselves up and get right back in the saddle." - Chris Creed
All funds received on this page will support schools who have expressed interest in the All Kids Bike Kindergarten PE Program and are located within Jefferson County, MO. 

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